Startup taxes can be more complicated and pose a greater potential risk than an individual return.

has broad experience working with organizations and individual experts in the real estate business in Charlotte as well as the greater Carolinas.


here are special rules around common startup accounting issues such as depreciation, net operating losses and tax credits (jobs credit, R&D tax credit).We help hundreds of foreign and domestic early-stage companies with their tax needs, every single year. We can help you.

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We are much more than an accounting firm. We are a team that is lead by entrepreneurs and gets what startups need from their accountant. Our services are designed to obtain desired outcomes and create value for our clients. We are an efficient firm led by knowledge providers in the marketplace. Our focused driven services for startups are effective in their desired results. Clearly making sure the financial management end of your business is running smoothly, keeping you compliant, and giving you the information you need to run your business successfully.


  • INTERIM CFO: If you are looking to raise a round capital, we’ll guide you through the process.
  • HUMAN RESOURCES: We’ll help you set up payroll & benefits, as well as manage your employee onboarding process.
  • TAX & AUDIT: We help you stay in compliance, from sales tax to R&D tax credits to local tax to annual tax.
  • BEST PRACTICES: Get the insider view on tips and tricks. Furthermore you’ll have access to a large network of trusted professionals with whom you can consult at anytime.
  • 409A EVALUATION: Know what you’re worth. We’ll help you get it done right.
  • REG CF REVIEW: Title III CPA Reviews for Crowdfunding.
  • FINANCIAL MODELING: We build financial models that have been used to pitch top investors and VC Firms.
  • BOOKKEEPING: We reconcile your accounts, provide reporting, and help you manage AP/AR.
  • PAYROLL: We can help you save. We offer a free evaluation of your current payroll.