As per the analysis done by the US Government's General Accounting Office a year ago, most citizens (77% of 71 million taxpayers) consider hiring a professional tax preparer. We are committed to earning the right to be that professional for you and your business!

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Comprehensive Business Tax Planning + Preparation With Lodestar

At Lodestar we are full-time tax preparation and planning specialists in Charlotte, North Carolina. So even during “non-tax season”times we are always there when you need us. Schedule a consultation today [Call us today on 704-981-4602] and we can enable you to meet IRS compliance requirements, accomplish your financial goals, and ensure you or your business do not pay more than you are legally required to pay.  We believe you, not the government, are the best stewards of your money. We also feature, through our back office, professional money management and financial planning strategies.


The US tax code is very dynamic and constantly changing, causing solitary taxpayers and business owners, especially small businesses, to pay their taxes without being in full compliance. There is a potential risk that you may take a deduction that is no longer available – or you may just happen to commit a mathematical oversight!

Nobody desires to pay more taxes than legally entitled to, but underpaying the taxes can invite IRS knocking at your doorstep!

We can make sure you pay your taxes appropriately without any hiccups  by calculating them for you in a lucid and rational manner. We render proactive tax planning and preparation with the fundamental aim of minimizing liability and avoiding any tax penalties for our clients.

Our CPAs keep strict vigil and make sure everyone is abreast with latest revisions and amendments to the prevailing tax laws in the US. Our tax preparation strategies and methodologies are updated and fine-tuned dynamically.

We are also aware of all available tax credits and deductions which can save you hundreds or thousands annually! If in doubt, get in touch with our certified veteran accountants for accurate and timely tax preparation in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Business Tax Services.

Taxes can significantly impact the operation of any business. While income taxes are imperative, they are just a glimpse of a larger problem. We offer an arrangement of tax administrations to diminish managerial concerns, enabling you to concentrate on what you excel at. From providing tax saving tips and preparing tax documents, to the filing, we are just a call away to render our hands-on expertise to assist your business. We have mastered tax planning and preparation services for both public and private companies.


Corporate Tax Services.

Working cooperatively and proactively, we can enable you to decide on the best expense systems to accomplish your business and individual money-related objectives. This may include identifying zones where customers have discovered that tax planning has the greatest impact. This oftentimes includes incorporating managing healthcare reform requirements, capitalization versus expense treatment for tangible property, depreciation of property value and business equipment, and compensation strategies for business officials.