Taxpayers across the nation need tax relief after being audited by the IRS – for very good reasons. After all, the IRS makes every effort to confirm all the numbers and detailed sums that you’ve put on your tax return(s). Almost all taxpayers can’t help but become confused and disoriented when it comes to an invasive IRS audit, resulting in tax problems. Most individuals are unsure of what an audit actually is and what may be involved. An audit is defined as an “official examination and verification of accounts and records, especially of financial accounts.” But there’s much more to it than that. Lodestar Taxes outlined some crucial details about the actual IRS audit process below for your consideration.

our profits.

  • Reducing IRS Tax Debt

  • Release Wage Garnishment

  • Filing Missing Tax Returns

  • Obtaining W-2’s and Tax Docs

  • Federal Tax Liens/Levies

  • Payroll Tax Negotiation

  • Business Tax Resolution

  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalties

  • IRS Payment Plans


Taxpayers and business owners throughout the country turn to Lodestar Taxes to resolve their tax problems every day, where you know you will receive one-on-one personal representation as opposed to having to deal with a large factory firm that doesn’t truly care about your case. Perhaps the best advice we can give anyone who is experiencing tax problems with the IRS is never to try and represent yourself – the IRS system is set up so that you need an experienced professional to navigate the proper channels. You would never attempt to represent yourself in a courtroom and you should adhere to this same advice when it comes to the IRS.


Start getting some peace of mind today and take advantage of our FREE IRS CHECK-UP/CONSULTATION to confirm your real options and decide what you feel is best for you and your family or business. You can request a 60- to 120-day window to pay your tax bill in full on the IRS website or call us we will fully review your IRS case and let you know everything that needs to be done to provide you with full resolution to ensure you don’t face future repercussions.


At Lodestar Taxes, we realize it can be stressful and time-consuming when trying to find the right tax relief firm, especially when there is known to be so much dishonesty and unethical practices in this industry. To gain trust and confidence in who we are, we encourage you to speak with our specialist and begin to experience the honest and ethical approach that we take in resolving tax issues.

Lodestar Taxes is a North Carolina business accounting, consulting, and financial planning firm dedicated to helping companies and individuals keep more of what they earn. Offering a range of accounting services and financial management consulting, including business valuations, financial review, internal audits, payroll accounting, new business formation, managerial accounting, state tax returns, trust and estate taxes, and management of the IRS audit process to North Carolina businesses, individuals and families. If you owe IRS back taxes, are facing an IRS audit, are starting a new business, need help with elder care financial planning, or simply need the experience and advice of a seasoned firm, Lodestar Taxes is ready to take your call.

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