Tax & IRS Resolutions Services


Tax & IRS Resolutions Services

Lodestar Taxes specializes in providing comprehensive IRS and tax resolution services to individuals and businesses across the nation.

When facing tax problems, audits, or IRS-related challenges, our experienced team is here to offer personalized solutions.

IRS Audit Process Overview

Confusion and Disorientation

Most taxpayers experience confusion and disorientation during an IRS audit. Lodestar Taxes understands the challenges and complexities involved in navigating the audit process.

Official Examination

An IRS audit involves the official examination and verification of accounts and financial records. It is a thorough process to confirm the accuracy of reported numbers on tax returns.

What to Expect Before Hiring


Free IRS Check-Up/Consultation

Take advantage of our FREE IRS CHECK-UP/CONSULTATION to understand your options and determine the best course of action.


Full IRS Case Review

We conduct a thorough review of your IRS case, outlining the steps needed for a complete resolution to avoid future repercussions.

Tax & IRS Resolution Services

Our team handles a range of tax-related challenges, including:

Reducing IRS Tax Debt

We work on strategies to reduce IRS tax debt and find resolutions that align with your financial situation.

Release Wage Garnishment

Providing assistance in releasing wage garnishments and finding solutions to alleviate financial burdens.

Filing Missing Tax Returns

Addressing issues related to missing tax returns and ensuring all required documentation is properly filed.

Federal Tax Liens/Levies

Handling negotiations related to federal tax liens and levies to protect your financial interests.

IRS Payment Plans

Exploring and establishing IRS payment plans to make tax payments more manageable.

Why Choose Lodestar Taxes?

1. Personal Representation: Clients receive one-on-one personal representation, ensuring dedicated attention to their case.

2. Experienced Tax Team: Our affordable and experienced tax team handles all aspects of tax problem resolution on behalf of clients.

3. Avoid Self-Representation: Navigating the IRS system can be complex; we advise against attempting self-representation and provide professional expertise.

FAQs - IRS & Tax Resolution Services

Professional representation ensures that an experienced expert navigates the complexities of the IRS system, maximizing the chances of a favorable outcome.
Our team assists in releasing wage garnishments and develops solutions to ease the financial burden caused by wage garnishment.
You can request a free consultation by calling us at [phone number] or contacting us online. Discuss your situation and explore the solutions available for your tax challenges.
Yes, we explore and establish IRS payment plans to make tax payments more manageable for individuals and businesses.
Lodestar Taxes works on personalized strategies to reduce IRS tax debt, providing relief tailored to your financial situation.

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