Tax Planning Services


Green Light Approach to Tax Planning

The Green Light Approach involves thinking creatively and strategically, using the tax code as a tool to lower taxes. While traditional tax preparation focuses on avoiding red lights (legal warnings).

Lodestar's approach identifies green lights and shortcuts in the IRS tax code that can significantly reduce your business's tax liability, leading to increased profitability and wealth growth.

Tax Planning Services

Lodestar’s Strategic Tax Planning Assessment


Free Tax Analysis

Our team conducts a free tax analysis, reviewing your returns and financial information to identify missed opportunities that may be costing you unnecessary taxes.


Understanding Your Business

We take the time to learn about your business, your future entrepreneurial goals, and review your cash flow process.


Tax Strategy Design

Based on the information gathered, our firm designs a customized Tax Strategy Services plan to optimize your tax situation.


Your Small Business Tax Planning Blueprint

The Tax Blueprint is a proactive, strategic tax reduction plan tailored to your business. Similar to a blueprint for building a house, it serves as a comprehensive plan to minimize tax liability, increase profits, and form a long-term proactive strategy for your business.


Schedule Your Free Tax Planning Assessment

Most business owners may be overpaying thousands of dollars in taxes. Our professional tax advisors can review your situation and determine potential savings. Request a free assessment to discover how Lodestar’s proactive tax planning services can help you maximize savings and reinvest in your business.

FAQs for Lodestar's Tax Planning Services:

Tax preparation involves filing returns to meet legal requirements, while tax planning is a proactive strategy using the tax code to minimize liability, increase profits, and build wealth.
The Green Light Approach identifies opportunities in the IRS tax code to strategically lower taxes, going beyond legal compliance to find ways to optimize financial outcomes.
The assessment includes a free tax analysis, understanding your business goals, and designing a customized Tax Strategy Services plan based on identified opportunities.
The Tax Blueprint serves as a proactive, strategic tax reduction plan customized to your business, minimizing unnecessary tax spending and increasing profitability.
To schedule your free assessment, click here or contact us directly. Discover how our proactive tax planning services can save you tax dollars.

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